I’ve always wanted to own a bicycle shop or, better yet, work as a mechanic in a bicycle shop. My hurdle is this; even though I’ve built multiple bikes from scratch, overhauled several vintage bikes to make them good as new, done every conceivable repair to a bike (including some on untamed back country roads), and I own a complete set of professional mechanic tools, I don’t have the experience of working in bicycle shop.

Now with the resurgence of cycling in America I figured now is my opportunity to grab the brass chainring and start Craft Beer Cycling.

Because I am still doing some on-the-job training, nor do I have the resources to open my own store front, I thought I’d make my new venture a win-win-win  arrangement and barter bicycle repairs with craft beers. That is, you get a quality bicycle repair that comes to your house, we ensure social distance measures and always followed, and you literally pay me in beer money.